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revlonA company with professional skin care and decorative hair cosmetics was established in 1938. Benefiting from thereby almost 75 years of tradition. Its products maintain internal hydration hair, accentuate the intensity and shine, protects against natural and artificial radiation and regenerate your hair. They are also available in salons products that care for the scalp and thereby strengthening its own defenses.

american crewMen holding his style. Their cuts. Their habits. To remove gray and boredom of male hairstyles is needed technologies and products created specifically for them.
In 1994, David began Raccuglia, barber, stylist and trainer, hairdressing revolution. He was disappointed by the lack of support in the care of men in professional salons. It therefore decided to modify and create brand American Crew, stylists that provides the knowledge and tools needed to improve services aimed at men and sale of products for men's clientele. Currently, American Crew is sold in 57 countries and its undeniable quality and efficacy enthuse both hairdressers and many celebrities.
After more than fifteen years, the company American Crew has built its name and became the brand parlors that men believe. Begin to trust her too!

Redken hair care products includes a complete range of shampoos, conditioners and furnaces, which give the hair all you need. Four decades of research in the field of proteins, amino acids and pH led to revolutionary discoveries, including patented Interbond Conditioning System. This heart Redken hair care gives the hair a combination of highly specialized components that transform the internal structure of the hair and significantly improve its external appearance.

Closer to stylist. Closer to hair.
The slogan captures exactly what the company Goldwell presented on the international market for more than 50 years. His partnership supports and stands on the side of hairdressers worldwide.
As one of the leading producers of hair care Goldwell today offers the best foundation for a successful future: its extensive range of products and high quality standards; development of new technologies.

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