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Deeply Regeneration

Nutri color creamElixir-Deep Regenerating Hair Care

Deep penetrating treatment Elixir is mixed individually to achieve the best results. InnerEffect adds a deep and robust regenerative effect, which can be supported by a number of products for home care. Elixir effects are noticeable up to 20 washes.

Features and Benefits of Elixir

Individual deep penetrating regeneration and protection of your colour for long-term shine and volume results that are obvious immediately after the first application! Available additional care for your scalp and also a compact line of home care.

Effective System for Optimal Care and Protection Components

Proteins for high volume and strong hair. Moisturizing lipids for better nutrition. Protection for colored hair.

The result of Elixir is not only long-lasting volume, elasticity and radiance of your hair, but also long-term nutrition and shine and long-lasting color full of intensity and brilliance. Elixir is mixed by our hairstylists according to the structure and quality of your hair. When visiting our salon, trying Elixir is highly recommended. Our clients are really excited about the results!

„do you want your hair to be silky soft with a long-lasting effect?“


Dámské As far as your haircut-if you feel good, then it is great. Our goal is to achieve precisely this effect. PURE Hairstudio team can design everything from modern, creative, extravagant, asymmetric cut to the timeless classic cut. On the other hand, we always respect your wishes and limited possibilities of your home hair care. It is important to choose a cut that fits your face. Your hair will look healthier thanks to the clear cut of the tips of your hair.

We will teach you how to make your hairstyling in 15 minutes!!!

„cut, which holds and is easy for styling“


Revlon Professional

If you are intersted in coloring your hair, then ask for coloring in two phases for healthy shine and long last. Permanent color is applied to the roots and tips are colored by tint without ammonia, so your hair is closed and regenerated. The PURE Hairstudio uses the color system of Revlon Professional.

Goldwell Elumen - gently pigmentation

Elumen is highly effective hair color with a guaranteed option of immediately returning your original hair color. This color gives hair brilliant shine and shimmer. It is so gentle as the toning agent. And so considerate of your hair when it is removed.

Innovative technology binds Elumen color coloring substances deep into the hair structure. Elumen does not contain chemicals burdensome hair such as a peroxide and ammonia. When coloring hair structure remains intact and the hair remains perfectly healthy.

Fine-fit color - color pigments, colors are recorded to the hair structure based on electromagnetic attractive and thus very gently, yet very firmly. Purely physical principle, no oxidation chemical reaction.

Color palette

DámskéThere are 4 groups - with light shining blond shades, with natural brown tones with accents of fashionable tones, dark tones or intensive fashionable shades (from yellow-orange to red, purple to blue and green).

Once you have the desire to try a new color, just ask any hairdresser in PURE Hairstudiu who can help you select the most suitable shade.

DámskéWhen streaked hair is preferred especially dye-growth, to prevent them from fraying and breaking.

At any manipulation of colors in principle, keep in mind that the original natural colors with vivid reflections and the play of colors underline your beauty!

„100% cover of gray hair, frugality and physical saturation of color with brilliant shine“

Blow Dry

DámskéFor ladies who want to be chic from the morning there are professional hair stylists who can blow dry your hair and highlight the color and style to create the perfect hairstyle. The following services belong exclusively to the blow dry: VIP blow dry, blow dry with styling, sleek hair blow dry, wavy blow dry, high volume blow dry.

„any shape and style in a minute“

Extending and Thickening Hair

Dámské PURE Hairstudio uses the extending method of Micro Rings. These are small rings, which are closed with special pliers. Connections are very small. This method is called "cold", and it does not harm the structure of your own hair. We use only genuine European hair. You can choose from almost all hair types, both straight and wavy. The locks of hair are selected according to the hair quality of a client. Previous consultation with a stylist is taken for granted. The "cold method" is based on the absolute absence of chemicals or heat. It is used only on the basis of micro-ring closing and reopening when moving a lock of hair. This method has become very popular thanks to easy, fast and clear manipulation and its mini size.

Dámské When extending or thickening your hair, the extensions need to be moved in 1.5 - 4 months. It depends on the growth of your hair. The number of locks and their length should be discussed with a stylist in advance. The new extensions are usually in the salon within one week. Hair extensions need to be treated with a special hair brush and hair care products.

„naturally long and thick hair“

Special Occasions

Dámské Members of the hairdressing team will be happy to create a hairstyle suitable for parties, graduation balls, dance classes, weddings and other festive events. If you want to go to a party in a certain style, feel free to discuss your ideas with a stylist. You will be a real celebrity at the party!

„hairstyles that impress with their elegance and creativity“

Hair Cosmetics

In the case of hairdressing services is in the studio working with selected premium hair care Revlon Professional, which falls under the Style Masters Series, providing care and professional styling. Furthermore, the studio uses hair cosmetics brand Uniq one, Orofluido and Echos line. All used products can be purchased in our studio.

For home care, we also offer hair care from Redken, men's line of hair cosmetics American Crew, including both cleaning products and hair styling for the final styling.
Wide range of products can be found in the Products section. If interested, you can buy or book these cosmetic products in the studio.

Hair products under these brands give their reactions to your hair texture to emphasize the natural appearance and layered cuts, while the firm and moisturize and bring them up naturally smooth and shiny look, as well as the actual volume and definition.

„40% of beautiful and healthy hair lies in high quality cosmetics“


manikuryMs. Jana works only with professional brand Shellac ™ from CND. Shellac ™ is applied as a nailpolish. Worn like gel and removes special stripping pads - no filing, no grinding, no nail damage! Before each (!) applications Shellac manicure done, you are automatically included. Manicure is really careful - the better a manicure done better then Shellac looks. We can combine services and thus save precious time. Perhaps gorgeous hair + manicure in one hour ... What do you think?

Ms. Jane order at phone +420 736 767 710

„the beauty of your hands to blend with the grace of your hair“

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